Tracer User Guide

Getting started with spectra
edge bannerEverything starts with the physics of X-ray fluorescence. Once you have covered the basics, you can begin to collect and perform basic analysis using S1PXRF. From here, you can begin to branch out and look at different types of analysis of spectra. One useful piece of software is the Artax Spectra software, which enables Bayesian deconvolution to produce net photon counts for each element.

Before building or modifying a calibration for the first time, we recommend reviewing quantification theory to get your bearings. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you can proceed to build or modify a calibration file in S1CalProcess. You can also perform a mass calibration of your data in the same software. Finally, if you find you need to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of elements of interest, you can use X-Ray Ops to change energy, current, and even filter.
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